Firefly 2 Portable Weed Vaporizer Review

The Firefly 2 is one of the best portable marijuana vaporizers in the current marketplace due to it’s attractive design and effective functionality.  This is an updated version of the original Firefly vaporizer from several years ago.  Most vape enthusiasts who have been in the game for awhile will realize this.  The bowl on this vape is not that large so it’s not a great vape to share with other users.  But, the vapor quality is extremely flavorful and it vapes your herbs in a highly efficient fashion.  Any standard 4 piece grinder will work great to get your herbs ready to vaporize.  Some users prefer a chunkier grind while others prefer to use a much finer grind.  You will have to experiment with it yourself to figure out which grind consistency is right for you.

Cleaning of this vape is a breeze because you can eliminate any resin that has built up on the outside of the unit with a moist cloth.  The original unit had that channel that had a lot of buildup and resin which would clog it up.  In order to use this vape effectively you will have to grind up your herbs in a very fine manner.  If you grind your herbs up in a medium fashion then the vape will work more effectively without putting too much strain on the device.  This vape was constructed with true convection technology and really makes a huge difference to the entire marketplace.  If you want to use this unit while you’re charging it then you will have to purchase an external charger.

For a complete cleaning please grab a vipe and wipe down the unit.  Make sure you clean the device with the bowl facing down, and clean it out after every 10 sessions.  You can make it to about 20 sessions but it’s much easier to simply clean the device after 10 because it really opens things up for you.  The device has five different heat settings for herbs and one for concentrates.  Sometimes when you really want to rip a bowl you have to jack up the heat settings through the smartphone app.  The new design is much smaller than the original version, and this vape can easily be hidden in a pocket or handbag to sneak into a concert venue.  The extra battery allows you to get more mileage out of your device, but in order to take advantage of it properly you will need to pick up the external charging dock.